Guacamole Protein Bowl
Want to eat more healthy, but fear your losing out on protein? Look no further! I’ve got a delicious bowl with your name on it!
Guac and Salad
Sweet & Spicy baby corn
Sweet & Spicy Baby Corn
  1. Start by making the baby corn. In a little bowl mix the water, soy sauce, coconut sugar and chopped chilli until combined. Simple wash and rinse the corn and now dry fry them in a pan on a low heat while occasionally tossing them until the corn becomes slightly brown. Now add the wet mixture on top of the corn (keeping the heat low) and let the water evaporate while mixing the corn well to get a nice sweet and savoury corn that’s still quite juicy!
Simple Guacamole
  1. Mash the avocado add minced garlic or the garlic powder, squeeze half a lime and add salt and pepper to taste. Optionally add some chopped chilli pepper and mix well. To make a real chunky guac add some chopped tomato, and diced red onion with some cilantro to take it to the next level.
  1. To make the bowl simply place all the ingredients (like pictured) in a bowl and serve with cold (or warm) rice. Optionally add some hot sauce. Enjoy!